Exclusive Preview: MJ's Nephew Debuts Music Video

Royal Factory

Exclusive Preview: MJ's Nephew Debuts Music Video

Tune in to ET tonight for the broadcast debut of Michael Jackson's nephew Austin Brown's brand new music video Menage A Trois!

The video features the song Menage A Trois -- which Austin says was highly influenced by classic Motown and Stax records. "We wanted to create a song that channeled the Temptations and The Four Tops with James Jamerson on the bass," he said. The full video will premiere on VEVO on Wednesday.

The 25-year-old singer/songwriter -- the son of platinum-selling-artist Maureen "Rebbie" Jackson and the nephew of Michael and Janet Jackson -- is determined to make his own way despite his high-level music connections and decided to release the music via his own label, The Royal Factory.

Austin has also teamed up with AOL Music for an exclusive premiere of the song, which can be heard here. Beginning February 20, he'll also be streaming one song per week on his own site, along with photos and behind-the-scenes video footage.