Winans Bros.: Bobbi Kristina is 'Hurting and Lost'

Winans Bros.: Bobbi Kristina is 'Hurting and Lost'

The memories of Whitney Houston's Saturday memorial service are very fresh in the minds of those who knew and loved her, and the Winans brothers -- longtime family friends of the late star -- recall the best of Whitney and how daughter Bobbi Kristina is coping with her tragic loss.

Whitney Houston Laid to Rest

"We'll be there for her," BeBe tells ET, addressing rumors that Bobbi Kristina is on a downward spiral following her mother's death as just that – rumors. "She was raised in this kind of life, so she understands rumors are just gonna be rumors. … The world should understand that she lost a mother, so she's hurting and she's lost, but she'll make it through prayer and just surrounding herself with people who love her. She'll be just fine."

ET has confirmed that the 18-year-old is in Atlanta surrounded by family, security, and her sober coach Warren Boyd.

Bobbi Kristina 'Held Up Well' During Funeral

BeBe sang at Whitney's memorial, and Marvin delivered the passionate eulogy; but despite the obvious somber nature of the service, they remember the lighter side of their longtime friend.

"The atmosphere was filled with joy amidst the sorrow," says BeBe of the memorial. "We celebrate her voice and [her] accomplishments, but to us and to others who were very close to her, it was the crazy Whitney that we enjoyed."

"She was just this mischievous little girl from New Jersey," smiles Marvin. "She could give you all the glamour in the world ... She wasn't 'putting on.' She was who she was, and when she found people that accepted her for that, [she wouldn't let you go]."

ET's Full Coverage of Whitney Houston's Death

Watch the video to see the Winans brothers in the recording studio for a big, exclusive announcement to ET – and the story behind the special song they're recording together in honor of Whitney and their lost brother Ronald.

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