Behind the Scenes of Keith Urban's 'For You'

Behind the Scenes of Keith Urban's 'For You'

Keith Urban's song, For You, appears on the Act of Valor soundtrack, and we have explosive behind the scenes footage of the making of the music video.

Act of Valor Rises to Top Rank at Box Office

Act of Valor debuted at number one on box office charts and now the soundtrack is making its mark with the Keith Urban tune that plays over the movie's closing credits.

The action film, featuring real-life Navy SEALs, provided inspiration for the lyrics.

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"When I watched this film I thought, 'Well, I see very clearly what these guys are willing to give their all for,' and I thought, 'What am I willing to give my all for?'" said Keith. "That's really the spirit that we wrote the song from."

Act of Valor is in theaters now. Click here to own the soundtrack today.