Santana Talks Drugs, Pain, and Peace of Mind


Shortly after Carlos Santana announced that he would be playing at the House of Blues in Las Vegas for two years, the acclaimed guitarist revealed to ET how he achieves peace of mind without seeking external resources.

"The way I live, it would put a lot of therapists, analysts, psychiatrists, and drug dealers out of business because I don't need them" the Mexican native said. "What I need I can give myself. It's called 'peace of mind.'"

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Santana elaborated on this point by asserting that he didn't need anyone but himself to make him feel better, and emphasized that although he experiences pain as all human beings do, he utilizes the pain to create something "beautiful and delicious."

The 64-year-old who will begin his Vegas stint this May also expressed his views on drug use, citing the distinction between artificially manufactured drugs and those which are natural and stem from the earth, which he referred to as "medicine."

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Check out the full interview above to watch Santana discuss his professed involvement in the Cardinals' magical 2011 World Series run and how it relates to his band.