Lady Gaga's Former Creative Director Details Split


When Laurieann Gibson announced that she would be parting ways creatively with Lady Gaga last fall, rumors swirled of a nasty rift between the music icon and her long-time choreographer. Gibson has decided to the record straight once and for all with ETCanada.

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"Like any collaboration, when [Lady Gaga] got some ideas and wanted to grow in a different direction I was like, 'You know what, go ahead,'" explained Laurieann of the mutual decision to break ties with Gaga. "I think it reached a point where I wanted to keep the brand that I helped build a little purer …No judgment, but it just got a little dark for me creatively."

Gibson has since moved on to another rising star in the music biz, Nicki Minaj, who she most recently collaborated with at the 2012 Grammys. Despite receiving quite a bit of flack for the performance, Laurieann defends the show, delivering the following choice words to her critics.

"If we put that much attention into helping each other instead of ridiculing a performance," she remarked, "maybe then we can really make some change."

Watch the video for more from Laurieann's interview with ETCanada. Additionally, Gibson dishes on her new gig as judge on the talent competition, Canada Sings.