Katy Perry Retraces Her Journey in Upcoming Film


Katy Perry has become one of the most iconic pop stars of the modern era, and in a new film she retraces the journey she made from a mildly successful gospel singer to a worldwide phenomenon.

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In the trailer for the film, which is entitled Katy Perry: Part of Me, we see photos and clips of Perry in her early days that are supplemented by footage of her concerts, backstage happenings, and every day living.

"Every single night is a whole new set of people," the 27-year-old singer notes of her concerts, "You have to really remember that and be grateful. If you have a dream, you gotta go on a journey to fulfill that dream."

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Check out the trailer above of Katy Perry's upcoming film, Katy Perry: Part of Me, which is set for release on July 5th.