MJ's Legacy Lives On In Cirque Du Soleil


In an all-star night befitting the King of Pop, Cirque du Soleil kicked off the New York City leg of The Immortal World Tour on Tuesday, commemorating a lifetime of Michael Jackson's greatest hits in a family-friendly extravaganza.

Tyra Banks was front and center for the big night, lauding Jackson's "infectious" hits as a perfect match for the world-renown troupe.

Michael Jackson Gets the Cirque du Soleil Treatment

"When I first heard that Cirque and Michael Jackson were doing something together I was like, 'It's so natural,' " she said. "What cirque has done with [Elvis and the Beatles], I think that they will continue to keep [Jackson's] legend alive."

30 Rock's Tracy Morgan called the MJ's music "the soundtrack of my life," arriving to the red carpet event at Madison Square Garden with his fiancée Megan Wollover. "'Big' meant nothing to Mike. 'Bigger' meant nothing to Mike. 'Biggest' meant everything."

The one-of-a-kind traveling show, written and directed by Jamie King, has been touring across North America since October 2011. The European leg will begin this fall at London's O2 Arena.

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For a preview snippet of the show and more information on The Immortal World Tour, visit Cirque's website at cirquedusoleil.com.