Barry Manilow: Dick Clark 'Was Always Young'


Barry Manilow credits Dick Clark with launching a career and friendship that spans almost 40 years. Now, the Grammy winning singer is sharing his memories of the entertainment icon, who died on Wednesday. Watch the video…

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"It was like a shot in my stomach," Barry tells our Chris Jacobs about hearing the news of his friend's death. "I knew he was in his eighties, but he was always young. I never thought of Dick Clark dying. He was the closest friend I ever had."

Barry's friendship with Dick prompted him to co-write the lyrics to the American Bandstand theme, and the singer says that some of his fondest memories revolve around the meetings they had about 1985's Copacabana, "the one and only movie" that he starred in which Dick produced, based on Barry's hit song of the same name.

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"I think my favorite moments were in our meetings, because … he respected what I had to say," says Barry. "I remember when I said things, he would – bam – go right to me, shut everybody up, and say, 'Listen to him.' That was really important."

Dick Clark died Wednesday morning of a heart attack. He was 82.