Florence Welch on Singing in Front of Kanye

Florence Welch on Singing in Front of Kanye

ET exclusively chatted with Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine at a concert at Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas, where she opened up about her recent Unplugged performance attended by Kanye West.

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"It did make me quite nervous, especially as he was right there as I walked out," said Florence. "He's a real hero of mine. His music is incredible, so it was a real honor to have him there."

Although Kanye had expressed interest in watching the taping during a photo shoot the two had together, Florence admitted she was surprised to actually see him there.

The singer went on to describe the peculiarities of her show that night, describing it as "surreal" to perform in the desert city.

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"It was amazing, performing and seeing all of the casinos," said Florence. "It was intense."

Following the "intense" concert was the afterparty hosted by MSN at the Marquee, where Florence wound down enjoying drinks with friends.

Florence and the Machine: MTV Unplugged premiered April 8 and has subsequently been made available for digital purchase via iTunes. For more on Florence go to MSN.com.