Fergie's Growing Business Empire Revealed

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Fergie is known for her musical success and sexy on-stage performances, but she's also a shrewd businesswoman with an impressive investment portfolio. 

The May issue of ForbesLife magazine, on newsstands now, examines how the Grammy winning Black Eyed Peas singer is wisely investing her fortune in everything from beauty products to vodka to a professional football team.

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Fergie is a huge fan of the Miami Dolphins and explains that it was a logical move to buy a small stake in the team in 2009. "This is a long-term commitment for me. I put my money in on this one," she tells the magazine. 

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But the the NFL buy-in is just a part of Fergie's eclectic and growing portfolio. She has her own lines of nail polish and perfumes, owns equity in a vodka company and has started buying apartment buildings. The star also revealed to ForbesLife that  later this year she be selling Ferguson Crest from her own vineyard. "It's an investment," Fergie says of the winery. "I'm investing in real estate. Plus, my dad is going to have a great house." 

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Fergie explains that she got her entrepreneurial instincts while growing up. "My parents were always so great about my money growing up. They never took a dime, and they always invested for me in very low-risk investments. Stocks, bonds. They wanted to put money away for me to go to college." She reveals that sadly she squandered the college fund due to her past addiction to crystal meth.