Maroon 5 Reflects on 10 Years of Fame


Just how has a decade of celebrity changed Maroon 5? Not much, says frontman Adam Levine.

"[I'm] the same," jokes the lead singer with his trademark humor and devilish grin. "[I'm] stubborn, combative, rambunctious…confident."

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Thanks to his gig on NBC's The Voice, fans are getting to know Levine on a whole new level, but the 33-year-old maintains that his fame has not changed him one bit. The sometimes-abrasive front he displays on the wildly popular competition show is him as he is, was and always will be.

"[My confidence] is often misunderstood for egotistical," he says. "It's usually just people who are jealous of self-confidence who say that."

As for Maroon 5's newest album, Overexposed, which features the current hit single Payphone with Wiz Khalifa, Levine says they're putting their combined confidence as a group out there in a way they've never done before.

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"I think that we're finally un-self conscious about being a pop group," he explains. "We're not a tried-and-true rock band, that's just not what we are… I think that we made like, an unabashed pop record [with Overexposed] which I think will do wonders for us because it's the first record we've really ever made in which we completely embrace the fact that this is what we do, this is where we want to be and we do it with confidence."

Lead guitarist James Valentine adds, "A lot of people would love just to hear Songs About Jane: Part II, III, & IV but for us it's really important that we're constantly moving forward creatively and this seemed like sort of a quantum leap for us."

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Watch the video for more, including Adam's take on the recent announcement that fellow musician Britney Spears has just signed on as judge for The Voice's rival, FOX's The X Factor.

Overexposed hits stores June 26, while Songs about Jane 10th Anniversary Edition is out June 5.