One Direction Reveals the Most Romantic Boy

The Today Show

One Direction Reveals the Most Romantic Boy

British boy band One Direction has taken the U.S. by storm after their album Up All Night debuted at No. 1 and they recently launched a sold-out American tour. Now the five mop-topped boys are revealing what their tweeny bopper fans are dying to know -- who is the most romantic of the group?

When asked whether they are even comfortable with the term "boy band," the group admitted to the Today show's Jenna Bush Hager that the title does fit, but they consider themselves slightly outside of that typical mold. 

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"That is what we are. We're a boy band," said band member Louis Tomlinson. "But we don't necessarily follow the stereotype of the past boy bands." One way they differ from traditional boy bands is by not dancing on stage, but they revealed they do occasionally let loose with some dance moves in nightclubs.

Jenna eventually cuts to the chase and asks "what every 13-year-old girl wants to know" -- who is the biggest romantic? While there is almost unanimous agreement that the most romantic is Liam Payne, some of the boys also suggested that Tomlinson comes in a close second. The other interesting revelation: the two romantics have current girlfriends, as does Zayn Malik. 

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The shyest of the group was identified by the members as Zayn, while the most attention-loving was said to be Harry Styles. The band signed to Simon Cowell's record label Syco Records after appearing on the British version of The X Factor in 2010.