LMFAO 'Party Rocks' at LA's Staples Center


For a group that has received heavy criticism for their absurd anthems and on-stage debauchery, LMFAO sure know how to shuffle in a diverse crowd.

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The club-rap duo, made up of Redfoo and his nephew SkyBlue, entertained women & children, hipsters & frat boys alike Tuesday and Wednesday night at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

You've never experienced a bigger melting pot of fans until you've seen 10-year twins sing every lyric to "Shots" and "Take It to the Hole" next to their equally excited mother.

They weren't alone. The moment the synth-bass to "Sorry for Party Rocking" kicked in and the two elevated on to the stage, the crowd roared and literally lit up with neon lights.


The high-energy set featured plenty of dancing (read: shuffling & thrusting), wacky props and champagne showers, along with more costume changes than Fashion Week.

Following climactic performances of their #1 singles-"Party Rock Anthem" and "Sexy and I Know It," LMFAO had every one on their feet.

With every drop of the bass and every canon of confetti, the club-rap duo managed to turn the crowd into "shuffle zombies," with many in the audience rocking LMFAO's iconic large afros, neon colored shirts, zebra-patterned tights and large rimmed glasses.

It's hard to justify the spectacle that is LMFAO. It's no secret that their party anthems are anything but-well, a loud party. And clearly they are not out to save the world with their music. But their ridiculous records and on-stage antics is what makes them so infectious. And to be honest, we could all take a page out of their, ahem, songbook: "Everybody just have a good time!"