Marc Anthony Rallies for Obama

Getty Images

Marc Anthony is putting his money where his mouth is by playing a Miami concert and meeting fans in support of Barack Obama's re-election.

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The Grammy winner tweeted, "Hello Miami! I am happy to announce that I will be playing a small concert in support of Barack Obama on June 26th, and I will be meeting two lucky fans backstage. Sign up here to automatically enter for a chance to win:

Anthony has become proactive in his efforts to rally the Latino community to back the incumbent president, and recently filmed a 30-second video for the Obama campaign outlining his reasons why Obama deserves the Latino vote.

"We've got jobs, the economy, education, immigration," he says. "President Obama is on our side on all of it. We just need to make sure he gets four more years to make more progress."
He continues, "Latinos are a force that can and will help decide this election, and it's a good thing that we've got so much to say, right? The president has our back, so it's time to let him know that we've got his. Go to and get involved today. ¡Estamos unidos!"

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Celebs including George Clooney and Ryan Murphy have recently hosted fundraisers for the president, while Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour will host a reception at Parker's New York home on Thursday. Later that day, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will attend a fundraising dinner at the Plaza Hotel where Mariah Carey will perform.