Justin Bieber on His Artistic Evolution


Justin Bieber chatted with ET Canada just ahead of the release of his sophomore album Believe, out Tuesday, dishing on how he's evolving as an artist and young man, and how those two threads are colliding on the new project.

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"You know, I'm 18," Bieber said when asked about his racy Boyfriend single that debuted at No. 2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. "I'm growing as an artist and my fans are growing with me. So I'm just making music that reflects that."

Growing up has given the pop star freedom to explore more complex topics but it has also made him susceptible to some grown-up problems. Namely the paternity lawsuit filed against him by a then-20-year-old woman named Mariah Yeater, who claimed that Bieber fathered her baby boy. Yeater later dropped the lawsuit but not before a whirlwind of media attention.

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Bieber made a song on the album called Maria, which tells his unfiltered side of the story.

"I felt like I just wanted to talk about it," stated Bieber, who denies ever meeting Yeater. "I mean it was something that was a pretty significant thing to happen."

The new album also features collaborations with producer Mike Posner and rappers Ludacris, Big Sean and Drake.