Katy Perry Forecasts Looming Change in Her Career

Elle Magazine

In the past four years, Katy Perry has soared to colossal fame. In the process, she has set music charts records and fashion trends, been married and divorced, and released a film based on her life. However, despite her massive success and popularity, Perry says that she isn't fearful of switching up the style and image that brought her to fame.

In the September issue of Elle, Perry tells the magazine that although she currently enjoys her career, she is leaving room for change of direction when her feelings toward her career begin to change.

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"I love what I do, and when I don't love what I do, I'll make a change," the 27-year-old California native says, "I can't be the candy queen forever."

Perry's music often evokes a sweetened, fairytale world of many events and little regrets. After the immense success of her most recent 2010 album Teenage Dream, Perry re-released the album in March of this year with bonus tracks, subtitling it "The Complete Confection."

The teenage dream that she imagines in the album's title track received some scrutiny for being too advanced for her wide teenage audience with its sexual undertones. Perry's single "Last Friday Night" was also subjected to similar scrutiny, again for encouraging promiscuous and irresponsible behavior.

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While she understands the influence of her lyrics, Perry's stance on being a role model resembles the message in her music of being unrepentant.

"I have no regrets...I'm not going to be everything to everyone," she assesses. "I can't tell a person when it's time for them to have sex. Or if they should have a cigarette...But I try to live my life with a lot of integrity, and, hopefully, that sends a message."

In 2010, Perry married British comedian and actor Russell Brand two years after meeting him while filming a cameo for Get Him to the Greek that was never included in the film. Shortly over a year later, the couple dominated headlines for their separation and subsequent divorce.

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Although the experience of being married was ultimately unpleasant for her, Perry holds that she isn't giving up on love after her split from Brand.

"I obviously have a lot to say right now...I'm a woman who likes to be courted--strongly," she says. "Never say never, I guess you'd say. I'll let love take the lead on that."

Perry's full interview can be found in the September issue of Elle, on newsstands August 14.