Donny Osmond Relishes Busy Life in Spotlight


Donny Osmond juggles a stable 34-year marriage, five children, and a growing number of grandchildren amidst a busy "workaholic" schedule. ET followed the showman's every move for just one day of his hectic life.

Video: Donny Osmond To Be A Grandfather Again

From the Flamingo stage in Las Vegas with sister Marie, to a talk show appearance in Los Angeles, to a radio show, Donny barely has time to breath, but does it all with an infectious smile. In addition to the coveted Dancing With the Stars mirror ball trophy, Donny was named the best singer in Las Vegas. The crooner bragged, "I beat Celine Dion! I took her down."

Video: Marie Osmond Talks New Show, Jessica Simpson

All the stresses of travel and maintaining a successful high-profile career hasn't aged him a bit over the last several decades. Watch the video to learn the secret behind Donny's youthful looks.