Pitbull Sets World Ablaze with 'Global Warming'


We were with rapper Pitbull as he prepped for his surprise performance with Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias, getting him to dish on how the collaboration came about.

Before their smash hit Baby I Like It, Pitbull and Enrique were familiar with each other, having both been raised in Miami.

"We knew a lot of mutual friends that he had either gone to school with or knew me," said Pitbull, who clarified that although they both claim the same town, their worlds differed. "We come from different sides of the tracks when it comes to Miami, but we've been raised the same as far as morals and principles."

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Pitbull's relationship with J.Lo doesn't quite date back as far. Pitbull met her on the set of the Fresh Out of the Oven music video.

Another notable collaboration under Pitbull's belt was the global hit Get It Started with Shakira.

"I feel like this is really just the beginning," Pitbull said, explaining the track's title.

"The tour's going great," said Pitbull, who is in the middle of his Plantet Pit tour. "I think that this tour embodies everything that the music is about."

Pitbull's Global Warming album releases later this fall. J.Lo and Enrique's summer tour ends Sunday, September 2 at Orlando's Amway Center.