In the Studio with YouTube's A Capella Superstar


Canadian singer Mike Tompkins is one of YouTube's latest musical sensations, and the a capella superstar dished to us about his most notable project to date -- a rendition of Nicki Minaj's Starships with the cast of Pitch Perfect and a few of his fans.

VIDEO: Meet One of YouTube's Biggest Stars

"This gives me the perfect opportunity to do a huge collaboration with, most importantly, my fans -- the people who have been following me all along," said Tompkins, whose Maker Studios created the video.

The 25-year-old's YouTube videos have over 100 million views. He's covered big name artists from Katy Perry to Coldplay, using only two instruments -- his voice and his mouth.

"My parents let me build a studio in their basement when I was 17 -- as soon as a graduated high school -- and from there I was one of the youngest producers to actually produce a Juno-nominated [project]," said Tompkins, who began beat boxing at 8, and continues to use this skill in creating beats for his songs.

As far as which video is his favorite, Tompkins said, "It's always my last one, because I'm always trying to get better at what I do."

Tompkins is currently working on a new album of original music, which includes a song called Home that he sampled for us during the interview. The EP is being recorded and produced by Mike with every sound generated from his voice and mouth.