Justin Bieber Spills Tour Secrets

Justin Bieber Spills Tour Secrets

The day before his Believe Tour kicked off at the Jobing.com Arena in Glendale, Arizona, Justin Bieber granted ET's Christina McClarty unprecedented behind-the-scenes access and spilled some rehearsal secrets.

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"We've been working every night," said Bieber, who wheeled into the interview on a segway.

At only 18, this is already Bieber's second tour, but this time he has a clearer vision for the production.

"On the first tour I really wasn't much involved," admitted the pop star. "This time I really wanted to be involved more, because if it's everyone else putting it together, it's someone else's show."

Every performer has must haves while on tour, and for Bieber that list includes his phone and a special snack.

"I really like having apples and caramel," said Bieber.

Of course his No. 1 must have for the tour is the legion of beliebers that pay to see him.

"I thank all the people that come out to just support me; that like my music; that just forget about their struggles at the moment; that can just come in and just have a great time," said Bieber. "That's what I love."