Director's Cut: Taylor Swift Dishes on Regrets


Taylor Swift dishes to ET's Nancy O'Dell about the downside of growing up in the spotlight in a new sit-down coinciding with the release of her latest album Red.

"It's not fair that everything is such a big deal," says Taylor, 22, explaining that a normal person her age is able to make mistakes and learn from them. But for the music megastar, her pitfalls are widely documented.

VIDEO: Taylor Swift Dishes on Past Loves & New Album

"It feels like there are a lot of consequences to everything that I do," Taylor continued. "But at the same time, I have to understand that there are incredible perks that come with this life."

Those perks include seeing the country while on tour, but that too called for a major sacrifice.

"I've looked at the idea of college and thought, you know, that just wasn't where I went," said Taylor. "It just wasn't the path that I chose, because I wanted to be on the road and you can't do both."

Taylor's highly anticipated album Red is out today. Tune in to tomorrow as ET's Taylor Swift Week continues.