Director's Cut: Taylor Swift Shares Home Videos


As we continue to get an intimate look at Taylor Swift from her own perspective during a week devoted to her on ET, we now take a look at how she became the mega music phenomenon that she is now. For that, Swift gave us a peek at some of her adorable home videos.

As we see in the priceless videos, Swift was surrounded by musical instruments as a child and started playing them on her own at a very young age. At 12, the Red singer-songwriter began writing her own music and never looked back from that point.

"When I started writing songs that's when it became something that I couldn't live without," she told ET's Nancy O'Dell.

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The 22-year-old country pop star revealed a strong sense of persistence and willingness to prove people wrong that motivated her to achieve her goals. This was certainly the case with a guitar instructor who doubted her ability to play the 12-string guitar.

"He was like, 'No, your hands are too small so you'll probably never play a 12-string,'" she recounted. "That became the one thing I wanted to learn how to play. I actually ended up starting out learning on a 12-string guitar just 'cause I wanted to prove that dude wrong."

Now arguably the world's most popular female singer-songwriter, Swift lives on a big stage not just when she's performing concerts. As such, her personal relationships have been scrutinized to no end.

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With her recently released single "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" hovering at the top of the music charts, she touched on her noted trend of writing songs about her past boyfriends. In Swift's eyes, it's more of a venting process.

"I think I write about things in a really intense way and that's kind of how I take [my negative emotions] out," she reflected. "I get it out writing songs about it. I'm not going to like throw a tantrum and throw things."

Tune into Entertainment Tonight for our final two days of Taylor Swift Week. Her album, Red, is now in stores.