Behind the Scenes of Tim McGraw's New Music Video

Behind the Scenes of Tim McGraw's New Music Video

With the release of his highly anticipated album Two Lanes of Freedom about a month away, Tim McGraw gave ET exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the shoot for his new music video single One of Those Nights.

"This is how you shoot a video, you just hang around and sing songs," Tim said, as he coordinated with the director and crew while shooting in Nashville. "We play the song over and over and over again, and we'll do this all day," explains the Grammy Award winner/actor, who also gives us a tour of his makeshift dressing room.

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McGraw said the video for One of Those Nights -- which debuts tomorrow December 18 -- reflects a serious message that he thinks will appeal to all ages. "I think that's the great thing about this song, it's a place-in-time for everybody. It's one of those making-a-memory kind of songs, and when you hear it... whether you're 15 or 85, you've had those [memories] or you look forward to those."

Among the new album's 11 tracks are Number 37405; the lament of a singer-turned-convict, Book of John; an account of family members going through the journal left behind by previous patriarchs; and Highway Don't Care; a song featuring artists Taylor Swift and Keith Urban.

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