The Backstreet Boys Get Their Own Documentary

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Who doesn't want to know the inside story of one of the biggest boy bands in pop culture history?

It's just been confirmed that director Stephen Kijak -- who directed documentaries Stones In Exile and Scott Walker -- is directing a film about the Backstreet Boys' journey from child stars to global sensations, which is being billed as a "tell-all project about all five original members of the band."

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BSB confirmed the news in a statement.

"We always wanted to make a film and now is the ideal time. With Kevin back, the fact that we are masters of our own destiny, a new album in the works and our 20th anniversary -- it all adds up to being the right time to share our story," they said.

Just don't expect a fluffy feel-good film.

"What drew me to this project is their [Backstreet Boys] openness and willingness to push themselves into uncomfortable places, to be vulnerable and honest and to be really trusting of the filmmaking team to steer them in the right direction," Kijak said. "BSB is getting real and it has been exciting to work with them as they explore their past and start to look towards their futures."

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Kijak aims to finish the film this fall.

In the mean time, BSB fans can catch them at one of their shows on The Package Tour, which is also bringing back New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men.