Jason Crabb on Collaborating with Jay DeMarcus

Jason Crabb on Collaborating with Jay DeMarcus

Christian music's reigning Artist and Male Vocalist of the Year from the Grammys, Jason Crabb, has teamed up with Rascal Flatts member Jay DeMarcus for his next album, and he told ET what fans can expect from the collaboration in an exclusive sitdown.

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"His talent is amazing," said Crabb. "I knew that he was very talented -- traveling with the Rascal Flatts and being a huge part of the whole making of that -- but, man, you get him in the studio ... he's a monster."

The album, Love is Stronger, features a single of the same name, which Crabb revealed to be very personal to him and his family.

"It took me right to my wife," said Crabb, whose wife, Shellye, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. "She couldn't barely even walk across the floor or get up out of bed."

Shellye continued to care for their children through excruciating pain, until she sought a second opinion from another doctor, who began to treat her for Lyme disease.

"She started getting better and, man, it was just amazing," said Crabb. "And that's what the song says."

You can get Crabb's second solo release, Love is Stronger, on March 12. Click here to pre-order your copy today!

Video courtesy: The Judy Nelon Group