5 Things You Don't Know About Nicki Minaj

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This sexy hip-hop star was known for her outrageous costumes, animated performances and uncensored comments even before being cast as a judge on American Idol and now she's proven once again that dramatic headlines follow her wherever she goes! Here are five things you may not know about Nicki Minaj.

1. Was discovered by a music executive through her MySpace page, which showcased her unique freestyle ability and revealed a steamy set of promo photos.

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2. Has said her biggest music influence was Lil Wayne and she always tried to follow in his footsteps.

3. Before hitting the big time she worked at a Red Lobster restaurant in the Bronx.

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4. Became the first female rap artist to perform at New York's Yankee Stadium.

5. Has confessed that her guilty TV pleasure is the courtroom series Judge Judy, tellingBillboard magazine she's quite addicted to the show. "She (Judge Judy) is just straightforward, but she doesn't realize that she's really -- in her next life -- a comedian."

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