Tower of Power Celebrates 45 Years of Soul


The soul band Tower of Power is still going strong after 45 years and we caught up with the founding members to chat about the history of the group and find out what they're up to now!

Tower of Power's tenor saxophonist/vocalist Emilio Castillo recalled how the band came to be in 1968 when he met baritone saxophonist Stephen 'Doc' Kupka. "I had this little band called The Mowtowns," Castillo said. "He (Kupka) liked it and came up and said, 'You have a good band -- only one thing wrong, there's no bottom in your horn section! By the way, I play the baritone saxophone.'"

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The band has seen more 60 musicians play along during its 45 years and while it has undergone some musical evolution, Castillo said generally the group consistently "makes music selfishly -- to please ourselves."

Addressing the band's longevity and future plans, Kupka said the members plan to keep playing as long as they're still in demand. "We don't retire, the phone just stops ringing," he joked, "and the phone is still ringing!"

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We'll have much more on the band on this weekend's edition of Entertainment Tonight. Check your local listings to find out when ET Weekend is running in your area during the ongoing coverage of the NCAA men's college basketball tournament.