Meet the Young MJs of 'Motown: The Musical'

Meet the Young MJs of 'Motown: The Musical'

Raymond Luke Jr. and Jibreel Mawr, the mind-bendingly talented youths who take turns portraying the likeness of a young Michael Jackson in Motown: The Musical, steal the show in the Broadway production set to premiere April 14.

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"It's an honor and it's fun," gushed Raymond of playing a pre-teen Michael on stage. In addition to depicting the late legend, he and Jibreel take turns embodying a young Berry Gordy (the founder of Motown) and an adolescent Stevie Wonder.

In our brief session with the twosome, Raymond and Jibreel treated us to incredible off-the-cuff performances of the Jackson 5 hits, Who's Loving You and The Love You Save.

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Watch the video above to see the boys in action!