Smokey Weighs in on 'Motown: The Musical'


Motown: The Musical, written by renowned producer and record executive Berry Gordy, is getting a lot of buzz from early previews leading up to its April 14 premiere. One the great talents profiled in the show, Smokey Robinson, told ET what he thinks about his story heading to Broadway.

As it turns out, Smokey hasn't seen the production yet, but has faith that Berry will do him justice.

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"The story was going to be portrayed accurately because Berry wrote it," the green-eyed legend confidently predicted. "Motown has been passed on from generation to generation. There are some kids who aren't even born yet who are going to know about Motown and they should know the real deal, they should know the real story. It should be accurate when it gets down to them so that they can be proud of it. And especially young black kids who have not been born, you know what I mean."

In 1957, Berry discovered The Miracles (featuring a young Smokey) in addition to bevy of unknown artists (The Jackson 5, The Supremes, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, and Diana Ross, to name a few) who would later epitomize the burgeoning genre.

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Click the video above to see Smokey's full comments on the musical. Plus, hear him reminisce about the day he met Berry.