3 Instances Where Beyonce's Her Own Backup Dancer


3 Instances Where Beyonce's Her Own Backup Dancer

Beyonce knows what her fans want, and that's more Beyonce! On Thursday morning, Queen B released her new Pepsi commercial that featured a slew of Beyonces from music's past -- but as you may know, this isn't the first time Sasha Fierce has taken it upon herself to be a backup dancer for, well, herself.

In fact, there are at least three instances where we've seen numerous Beyonces take the stage.

First up at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, the pop icon appeared with an army of Beys to perform Run The World (Girls).

Then just this year at the Super Bowl, Beyonce writhed around on the stage as images of herself were flashed as she sang her hit Crazy In Love.

Then there's today, when Bootylicious Beyonce and Single Ladies Beyonce came together to make a "never-before-seen" dance routine for Pepsi.

Of the three Beyonce backup-dancing moments, which one is your fave? Let us know, below.