Premiere: Ashanti's 'Never Should Have' Video


With the release of her fifth studio album right around the corner, ETonline is proud to premiere Ashanti's music video for her recently released single "Never Should Have"!

"Never Should Have" is the latest single off of Ashanti's BraveHeart, the first studio album in five years for the Grammy-winning R&B singer, which is set to be released June 11.

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As we see in the video, unlike her previously released upbeat BraveHeart singles "The Woman You Love" (feat. Bust Rhymes) and "That's What We Do" (feat. R. Kelly), "Never Should Have" displays Ashanti's more emotional side, detailing the heartbreak of love.

The title of the forthcoming album was inspired by the 1995 film Braveheart starring Mel Gibson on the First War of Scottish Independence against England. Ashanti says she channeled the underdog mentality and raw passion in the film.

"It's not an even playing ground, so I feel like with the [major labels], they're bossed up. They have the big engine and all the artists signed to them and with the indies, it's depending," she told Rap-Up.

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"It's homemade, it’s homegrown. It's a lesser engine. So the metaphor I was using was being brave and putting your blood and guts into it and fighting passionately to win."

Whereas Ashanti's first three albums, all of which received platinum certification, were released under major record label Murder Inc. Records (now known as "The Inc. Records"), her fourth album, The Declaration, and her upcoming fifth are released under her own label, Written Entertainment.

In addition to her new music, Ashanti has also landed a new acting gig on the Lifetime series Army Wives as a regular in the show's seventh season. She has dabbled in film acting over the years as well, starring in The Muppets' Wizard of Oz in 2005 and most recently acting in Resident Evil: Extinction in 2007.

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Watch the above video to check out the world premiere Ashanti's brand-new music video for "Never Should Have." Her new album, BraveHeart, is in stores June 11.