Jessica Sanchez: I'm Planning On Big Things

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Jessica Sanchez: I'm Planning On Big Things

I don't know if American Idol has ever had two finalists more dissimilar than Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips -- she, a pint-sized powerhouse with a remarkable vocal range; he, a guitar-toting crooner. Now, Sanchez is poised to replicate Phillips' success with the release of her debut album, Me, You & the Music, out today!

ETonline caught up with Sanchez to talk about making the CD and found out that it has been in the works, at least in her mind, for years!

ETonline: Congrats on the album's release. How does it feel to have your fans finally spinning all the tracks?

Jessica Sanchez: It's amazing. I was really, really excited when it came out at midnight and was already number four on iTunes album chart. I was freaking out. So far, it's doing amazing, so it's exciting. It's an amazing first album for me and I hope it is for everyone else.

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ETonline: How did you approach making this album??

Sanchez: The thing is, even before Idol, I always had an idea for what I wanted to do in the future and throughout my career. This wasn't, like, me figuring out what to do after Idol. I've always known the steps in what I had to do to get where I was. So on Idol, my whole strategy was to sing big, ballady-y songs because it's a singing competition. I was just hoping to make it far enough to get signed so I could make music and show the world what I love to do.

ETonline: Were there any songs that didn't make the cut?

Sanchez: [laughs] Oh yeah. Separating from these songs is like losing a best friend. It was really hard trying to pick the songs because nothing was forced on me. It's not like they gave me a song and said "You have to do this." Hopefully, if I make a second album, I can go back to some of those songs.

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ETonline: How was the experience of working on Glee for you?

Sanchez: Everything happened so last minute. I got my script last minute, I learned my song last minute, I learned the choreography the day before we shot. So, yeah, it all happened so fast. So I give mad props to everyone who works on that show. I respect that cast so much, they have to do so much in a week. I love a challenge, and overcoming a challenge. So when I got on set, I just had to kill it and hopefully I did.

ETonline: Is there a tour in the works?

Sanchez: Nothing is confirmed yet, but I'm definitely planning on big things and doing whatever it takes to make it happen. I am ready for this industry and to give it all I've got. I'm excited to get on the road and perform. I'll take it day by day, but I'm pumped.

Me, You & the Music
is out now.