Sheriff: Bieber Won't Speak About Alleged Speeding

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Los Angeles Sheriff's Department investigators say that pop star Justin Bieber is refusing to speak with them about allegations that he was spotted over the weekend speeding recklessly through his gated residential community in his white Ferrari.

"Mr. Bieber is making statements through others that he was not driving," Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore told the Los Angeles Times Wednesday. He added: "If he wants to set the record straight, contact us for a sit-down, thorough interview. He has to ask himself this question, 'If you have nothing to hide, why not talk to us?'"

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One of the residents in the Calabasas, CA neighborhood to complain about Bieber's alleged behavior was former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson. Whitmore said Johnson tried to confront Bieber after he saw the Ferrari speed past his home, where his 3-year-old daughter was playing in the driveway.

Police reports indicate the former NFL star went to Bieber's home to confront the 19-year-old singer and clearly spotted him sitting in the car's driver's seat. "He was concerned about his daughter and he wanted to talk to Mr. Bieber about that," Whitmore said. "Mr. Bieber hurried into the home without talking to anybody."

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A second witness who was taking his trash out also saw Bieber in the driver's seat, said Whitmore, who added that authorities are also seeking surveillance video and additional interviews with potential witnesses who may have seen Bieber speeding through the community.

It's not the first time Bieber's neighbors have complained about his alleged reckless driving habits. Prosecutors are still considering filing battery charges against the teen idol for allegedly spitting on a neighbor last March after the neighbor called police to report that the singer and members of his entourage were speeding in the Ferrari.

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