Miley Gets Weird in 'We Can't Stop' Video


Miley Gets Weird in 'We Can't Stop' Video

Today, actress and recording artist Miley Cyrus premiered the video for We Can't Stop, the lead single off of her long-awaited new album. And while Kanye West's controversial new record Yeezus has pretty much dominated the music buzz this week, Miley's video -- not to be outdone by the self-proclaimed Steve Jobs of hip hop -- is worth talking about.

When the video begins, We Can't Stop plays in some Beats Audio speakers, Miley pops in some gold teeth, and it's all pretty innocuous. The former Hannah Montana star has been grooming fans with her new image since her dramatic hairdo re-do last August.

But by the time smoke billows from a backup-dancer's crotch, you realize just how far we are from Miley circa-Party in the USA.

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And then things get weird.

From creepy french-fry skulls, to severed rubber fingers -- complete with goopy pink blood -- to stuffed lambs donning stunna shades, it's hard to conceptualize the video beyond some sort of fever dream of extended-adolescent rebellion.

The theme of the music is still partying. But that partying is less confetti and streamers, and markedly more sexual.

If there's one takeaway from the video, it appears to be embodied in the lyrics, "It's our party, we can do what we want." Granted, as a 20-year old pop star who cracked the Forbes list in 2010, that is a logical thematic direction for her music to take.

Check out the We Can't Stop video for more scandalous pool parties, giant teddy bear strip-teases, and more crazy-weird fun.

Miley Cyrus' as-of-yet untitled new album is expected Fall 2013.