Beliebers Defend Justin Against Fake Rumors


Beliebers Defend Justin Against Fake Rumors

These Beliebers will believe just about anything when there's a camera in their face! Jimmy Kimmel Live! hit Los Angeles' Staples Center during Justin Bieber's two-night stint, and discovered just how loyal the Baby singer's fans are when they started defending him against fake rumors.

In another edition of Lie Witness News, two girls are asked if it's okay that the pop star's car tires are made of baby seal skin (which is a lie). Standing by their man, they respond, "He can do whatever he wants."

When it's said that the 19-year-old musician doesn't know how to read, a purple-clad fan defends his right to illiteracy. "He's perfect the way he is," she says of the heartthrob.

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Check out the video to see how others responded to the fake rumor that Bieber peed on the American flag.