Thicke Responds to 'Blurred Lines' Controversy


Robin Thicke's latest single "Blurred Lines" has been a worldwide hit, even reaping the highest radio audience in history, but behind its success is the controversy surrounding the song's risqué music video.

ET caught up with Thicke during a recent rehearsal to ask him, among other topics, about the clamor about the original music video, which features topless models strutting to and fro.

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"We didn't think it would cause as much controversy [as it has]. We thought a few people would be like, 'Oh...boobs!' Thicke said of the video, which also features Pharrell and T.I. "...We didn't think it would cause any trouble because our intentions were so pure just to have a good time and make a fun song."

Although there has been plenty of ruckus over the music video, which has been supplemented by a clothed version after YouTube banned the original video, the 36-year-old singer-songwriter says the majority of it stems from the media.

"For the most part, I haven't had any problems when I go anywhere," the Los Angeles native said. "People write some things on their blogs and stuff, but the public—I haven't encountered anything negative."

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While the video for Thicke's latest single has been targeted for its provocative nature, a few of his previous videos have been racy as well, including those which involve his actress wife Paula Patton.

Thicke revealed that even though his wife doesn't appear in the "Blurred Lines" video, she still had some creative influence on it.

"Paula and I have made a few videos together, so we weren't considering doing this one together, but a lot of the great ideas that ended up in the video were hers," he divulged. "She still has her fingerprints all over it."

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Watch the full video above for more from Thicke, including his opinion on his young son following his path as a music artist in the future.

Thicke's forthcoming album, Blurred Lines, will be released on Tuesday (July 30). Visit his website for more information.