EXCLUSIVE: Avril Lavigne Talks Marriage & Music

EXCLUSIVE: Avril Lavigne Talks Marriage & Music

Only ET went behind the scenes of Avril Lavigne's latest music video, Rock N Roll, getting the newlywed pop star to open up about her fairytale wedding and new music.

"The video is like a post-apocalyptic, rocked-out comic book adventure," said the 28-year-old singer, dressed in military fatigues. "It's like nothing I've done before."

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Fresh off her July 1 wedding to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, Lavigne says the couple is adjusting well to the married life.

"He is my best friend," said Lavigne. "I spend all my time with him."

The couple held their "I do's" in a castle in the South of France, but Lavigne noted that it was the company that made the event special.

"The best part about the wedding for me was having all of our family together," said Lavigne. "Our families got to meet for the first time and that was definitely the best part."

Avril's self-titled album debuts September 24, while Rock N Roll, the album's first single, will be made available August 27.

Check out the entire Rock N Roll video below.