Artist You Should Know: Quadron


Danish duo, Quadron is an exciting new act that first came onto the scene in 2009. Their sound includes a range of influences from soul, pop, folk, and even at times electronic, which is why they are quick to defy the label of just pure electronica.

The group, which consists of singer Coco O (who made an stirring contribution to Jay-Z's The Great Gatsbysoundtrack) and instrumentalist/producer Robin Hannibal, instead identifies itself and the music they produce as soul/ R&B. 

"I think the electronic element is a [fancier] way of saying 'modern-soul," Coco O explains. "I think a lot of people may also be confused that nowadays you record music electronically with a computer."

What is certain is that Quadron is a beautiful harmony of European influences combined with the contemporary, urban music here in the States. The end result is a masterful blend that reflects their true artistry.

But don't take my word for it. You can pick up their latest album Avalanche here. And be sure to watch our interview with them above for a look at the groovy video to lead single Hey Love.