Singer & Actor Ariana Grande on Balancing Careers


Between starring in the hit Nickelodeon comedy Sam & Cat and creating and promoting her debut studio album Yours Truly, Ariana Grande is a very busy young woman. However, she was able to make time for ET when we caught up with the multi-talented songstress and actress to talk about her music, her acting career, and what she likes to do in her very-limited spare time.

"One of the most exciting parts about music is that it's expressive, and you get to share your story with people," said Ariana, backstage at the Style Awards in New York City, where she performed her single Tattooed Heart.

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As music begins playing a bigger role in her life, the question has arisen as to whether or not Ariana can manage both an acting career and a music career at the tender age of 20.

"It's hard to manage the two… I'm doing two full-time jobs at once. But it's important to me. I really love doing Sam & Cat. I'm not ready to not play Cat Valentine," said Ariana. Sam & Cat is a spin-off of two other Nick shows, Victorious and iCarly. Ariana's character, Cat, is a fun-loving, ditzy redhead who befriend's iCarly's Sam, played by Jennette McCurdy.

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"I love the people I work with way too much to not be doing it. So I try my hardest to make them both work at the same time… I love my music as well, so I just want to make it work. It's much more work than anybody could ever imagine, but it's definitely worth it because I'm getting to do what I love."

Check out the video for more from the beautiful Ariana Grande, and hear what the busy go-getter does in her rare free time.