Behind James Blunt's Unique 'Bonfire Heart' Video

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James Blunt is back at it again with another album, Moon Landing, which he's spearheading with the uplifting single "Bonfire Heart." Blunt exclusively shares with ETonline a behind-the-scenes look at his unique video for the song.

The English singer-songwriter took a trip to scenic Wyoming and Idaho for the two-day video shoot for "Bonfire Fire." In lieu of hiring actors to play extras, Blunt interacted with the locals, which created some candid moments.

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"The idea of the song is about meeting people and human connections in a modern world where we just see differences," Blunt says on the set of the video. "This is a song about bringing people together, and so I'm off on a road journey and I'm meeting loads of people from incredible places here in Wyoming and Idaho."

The director behind the unique video is Vaughn Arnell, who most recently directed a trio of British pop group One Direction's videos. In the featured video, Arnell recounts how the crew coincidentally ended up being presented with a perfect scene for the end of the video when a wedding was taking place at a wrap party for the crew.

"We wanted to create a party scene; we wanted to create a really electric atmosphere. All of a sudden, I looked over and there was this wedding couple there," the British director recalls. "The girl had the most amazing look on her face, and it just suddenly worked out [for us].

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" ... It has just been the best shoot we've ever had—ever, ever anywhere—and we could have gone anywhere in the whole world, and we came here. It all fit together and it was emotional. It was brilliant. It was fantastic. You couldn't have asked for a better ending if we'd written it."

Moon Landing
is Blunt's fourth studio album, which neatly aligns with his triennial fall album release, which began with his 2004 album Back to Bedlam, led by his no. 1 single "You're Beautiful."

Check out the exclusive behind the scenes footage above and watch the finished product of James Blunt's music video for "Bonfire Heart" below.

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Moon Landing
will be released November 5 in the U.S.