Katy Perry's Back to the Drawing Board for 'Prism'


Katy Perry's single Roar has become a smash hit, racking up over a half-million downloads in the first week, but there's one person that might not be a fan -- her ex.

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The former flame, who has remained unnamed, is seen being mauled by a tiger, but Perry says that there is no hidden message.

"It's just a music video," Perry told ET's Rob Marciano.

Perry's next studio effort, Prism, is out October 22, and after selling more than 10 million albums the pop star admits that every new project starts the same way.

"It's just me always going back to the drawing board," Perry said. "I'm always trying to bring out little messages of truth and to stay vulnerable in songs. I feel like that's what a lot of people relate to in my songs -- the kind of 'wear your heart on your sleeve' messages in them."

In a short time, Perry has become one of the biggest names at one of the most storied record labels in music history, Capitol Records. Still Rob was able to show her a part of the company's famed tower that she had never seen -- the roof.

Watch the video to find out the secret message that's been emitting from the tower in honor of Perry's upcoming release.