Shania Twain Reminisces on Her Sexy Style


There's plenty of hubbub about the current boundaries of sexuality in music, but before a nude Miley Cyrus straddled a wrecking ball or sparsely covered Rihanna climbed a stripper pole, Shania Twain was pushing the boundaries with her sultry style.

ET Canada
recently sat down with Twain, an Ontario native, for an exclusive interview, and among the topics that popped up was her boundary-pushing sensuality, particularly in the early stages of her career.

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While the borders of sexuality in the music industry have since been expanded, Twain was once considered rebellious for baring her midriff.

"I was saying, 'Well, you know what? I'm very comfortable with myself. I'm not baring my midriff for effect or for shock factor. ... I'm just doing it because I like my midriff and I'm comfortable with it,'" Twain said, reflecting on the criticism she endured for exposing her midriff.

As the boundaries continue to be pushed further and further by female artists such as Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, the 48-year-old five-time Grammy winner maintains the same perspective that she had when she was under the spotlight for her midriff-baring.

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"I don't think it's too sexy now. The boundaries are really up the individual, and then it's up to the viewer [to decide] whether they like it or not," Twain said.

Although she doesn't find her singing counterparts' display overly sexual, she specifies that the artist has to be proud of how she's exhibiting herself to the world.

"The self-respect is very...important, and if you're doing it against your own will and you really don't have a good feeling about it in your gut, you're probably going to regret it," she added.

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Watch a snippet from ET Canada's exclusive interview with Shania Twain above, and check out ET Canada's website for more.