Kathleen Turner's Daughter Embarks on Music Career


Oscar-nominated actress Kathleen Turner introduces ET to her daughter Rachel Ann Weiss, an up-and-coming musician with a new album and slate of exciting performances!

Kathleen Turner is known as a versatile veteran stage and screen actress who starred in countless box office hits including '80s films Body Heat, Romancing the Stone, The Accidental Tourist and  The War of the Roses -- as well as Serial Mom and Peggy Sue Got Married. But her daughter Rachel is now embarking on her own entertainment career, with Kathleen as her biggest fan!

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"It did not come as a surprise, and the truth is, once she put her mind to it, I could see the discipline and there were no worries," Kathleen explains about her daughter's foray into showbiz. For her part, Rachel says her mother couldn't be more supportive. "It's a pretty, you know, intimidating field to go into when this is your mother. But she's been very vocally supportive of what I do. She comes to every show she can when she's in town."

Kathleen added that she does offer some performing tips to her daughter, but generally speaking it's just not necessary. "I'm a really bad liar. I think the better actor I've become, the worst liar I am. So I can't lie. But luckily, I don't need to because I think she's extraordinary." 

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Rachel says though she welcomes the suggestions from her famous mom, she prefers to let her music speak for itself. "I don't want my music to be about anything but what it is. And I write from the heart in a way that I just really want people to respond to what I'm saying and what I'm playing rather than what I look like," she said, provoking a quick response from Kathleen: "Which is pretty great!"

Rachel's debut album Dear Love is currently available on iTunes and she'll be performing next at New York's Rockwood Music Hall on December 13 at 10 p.m.

Watch the video for more of our mother-daughter interview, plus a sneak peek of one of Rachel's performances!

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