Daughtry Reveals Meaning Behind 'Baptized' Songs


Rock band Daughtry is back with their fourth studio album, Baptized, and frontman Chris Daughtry spoke with ET about the new record, the inspiration behind the music and his family life.

The first single off their album, Waiting For Superman, was released in September and reached No. 17 on the Billboard Adult Pop Songs chart.

"Waiting For Superman, for me, I think it means waiting for that person to step and be what you need them to be," the 33-year-old American Idol alum revealed. "Whatever that may be, in that particular moment."

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The band's second single is Long Live Rock and Roll, and fans who pre-ordered the new album on iTunes got a download of the song ahead of time.

"Long Live Rock and Roll is the first song I ever wrote that had
some sort of humor behind it," he quipped.

"But it's a true story as
well. It's me getting into music, being born in 1979… It was a way of
incorporating these kitschy references, and still telling a true story
and having an anthem."

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Click the video for more reveals from Daughtry, including how he manages to tour and keep up with his family as well as how he stays fit while traveling across the globe.

The band Daughtry's album Baptized is now available for download and at major music retailers.

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