Behind the Scenes of The Fray's 'Love Don't Die'

Behind the Scenes of The Fray's 'Love Don't Die'

On Thursday we debuted a teaser for The Fray's new high-energy video Love Don't Die, and today we're proud to bring you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the accompanying music video!

"This video is technically an exercise in performing from our core," said guitarist and vocalist Isaac Slade from the set of the music video, which was shot in a
country-western bar and culminates in a raucous barroom brawl. "We have to play our best and win them over." The song features a deep bass beat punctuated with Slades' powerful vocals.

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In the video, Slade performs with other members of the band onstage inside a chicken wire cage, with onlookers hurling beer bottles towards them. The more they perform in the bar, the more vocal the crowd becomes until a fight eventually breaks out. Joining Slade in The Fray are Joe King (guitar, vocals), Dave Welsh (guitar) and Ben Wysocki (drums).

Watch the video to see some of the challenges faced filming such a complicated video and to hear the stunt coordinators reveal some fight scene secrets.

Love Don't Die is off The Fray's fourth album Helios, which is set to be released February 25. The album can be pre-ordered here

VIDEO: Exclusive Teaser - The Fray's New High Energy Video