Backstage: Nick Cannon is 'Looking for a Dream'

We're behind the scenes with Nick Cannon for the making of his new video Looking for a Dream.

Comedian and America's Got Talent host Nick Cannon is also an entrepreneur whose headphones brand NCredible has already generated more than $45 million. So it's only fitting that his latest high-energy music video also features the headphones as a prominent accessory!

In the skillfully choreographed video -- which premieres Thursday February 13 on Vevo -- Cannon recruited a group of talented make and female dancers to show off synchronized movements in matching white suits and black ties. Also contributing to the video is renowned DJ/producer Afrojack

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The 33-year-old Cannon described the choreography on the video "extremely difficult" because it incorporated so many different styles of dance -- from Michael Jackson style to Janet Jackson, to military precision moves. "Looking for a Dream is an inspirational song that I came up with together with Afrojack," Cannon said. "And you know he's known for making those club fist-pumpin,' making the stadium go crazy type of records. So me putting my little feel on it, to add that swag, turned out really cool."

Watch the video for more backstage footage from the making of Looking for a Dream, as well as to hear Nick's explanation for the name of his new album, White People Party Music, scheduled to be released April 1. Looking for a Dream can be purchased in the iTunes store.