WATCH: Miley Mocks Clinton's Lewinksy Scandal


Miley Cyrus kicked off her Bangerz tour by drudging up an old sex scandal.

During her Party In the U.S.A. performance, the 21-year-old danced with a man wearing a President Bill Clinton mask. Cyrus then leans down in front of him to simulate oral sex. This, of course, is referencing Clinton's affair with intern Monica Lewinsky while he was in the White House.

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"They're going to be exposed to art most people don't know about," Cyrus said of her tour. "People are taught to look at things so black and white, especially in small towns. I'm excited to take this tour to places where [art] like this wouldn't be accepted, where kids wouldn't learn about this different kind of art."

What do you think of Cyrus' show? Is this "art"?