Young The Giant Triumph on 'Mind Over Matter'

ETonline catches up with alt-rock band, Young The Giant, to talk about their new album Mind Over Matter and their massive North American tour.

It's been four years since the world was introduced to the bellowing sounds of Southern California alt-rock band, Young The Giant. The guys are back with their sophomore album Mind Over Matter, a record that each of the five members contributed to.

"We lived in a house together for almost a year and wrote 30-40 songs," front man Sameer Gadhia recalls. "The whole thing for us was to try and challenge ourselves and do something a little bit different."

The challenges of cranking out the songs for Mind Over Matter included a minor writer's block but it was the process of getting past the obstacles that the record's mantra was born.

"The process of trying to do something different, that idea in itself is something really hard to tackle," Sameer explains. "I think we realized in order to actually do something like that you have to stop thinking about it."

The end result is an album with a clear voice, innovative arrangements and poetic songwriting free of inhibitions. And now comes the fun as YTG continue their massive North American tour.

"There's definitely a lot more energy in the live performance with all of us going full tilt, production and everything," bassist Payam Doostzadeh says of their live shows. "That's really what we pride ourselves on being able to give a good show to the audience."

Be sure to watch the interview above and for more information and tickets to the Mind Over Matter tour click here. You can also catch the guys on The Late Show with David Letterman tonight on CBS.