Pharrell Reveals His Album Muse: Women!


A day after performing his hit song Happy at the Oscars, Pharrell Williams hosted a Google Hangout to talk to his fans about GIRL, his new album.

After the event -- held at the Red Bull Studios in Los Angeles -- the massively successful producer and musical artist sat down with ET to talk about his music, and the inspiration behind GIRL.

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"I knew I wanted [the album] to be visceral and urgent. I knew I wanted it to be celebratory and festive," said Williams, 40. "It's the album I've always dreamt of making… It's a love story, and that's why the album is made for human beings, it's made for everyone. It's just that my muse were women."

Check out the video for more from Pharrell, including what he looks for when seeking collaborators.

is on sale now online and in retail stores nationwide.

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