WATCH: Lea Michele Gives Two Emotional Performances


Lea Michele has been busy these past two days. Not only did she perform Cannonball on The Tonight Show, but she also woke up and sang on Good Morning America!

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Following her light-hearted interview with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday's show, the Glee gal rounded out the night with a show-stopping performance.

Then, the 27-year-old headed to GMA's New York studio on Wednesday morning to perform Battlefield, also off her Louder album.

Lea revealed her mission for making this album while speaking with GMA's George Stephanopoulos. "I was really introduced to the world as Rachel Berry," she said, referring to her Glee character. "So, I wanted to take this opportunity in making this record and really letting my fans know who I am. I think that music should be personal."

Which of Lea's performances is your favorite?